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Cruises with guide- FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Cruises with guide- FAQ

1. Can I book a place aboard for a cruise with guide?

Unfortunately, no, we don’t make bookings, we only sale tickets for cruise on our website, on ours partners websites and on the ship, just before the cruise, if it is possible.

2. Do I have to purchase tickets for children?

If they are younger than 6 years old, no, they can participate in cruise for free. However, if they are older You have to purchase reduced ticket for them, according to price list which is available in bookmark “Buy ticket”

3. For whom are reduced tickets?

For kids and schoolchildren after showing a valid school student ID. Reduced tickets are available only on cruises with guide.

4. Do pensioners or disabled people are entitled to buy reduced tickets?

No, they have to buy a regular ticket according to price list which is available in bookmark “Buy ticket”

5. Does ship set sail punctually, according to schedule on website?

Exactly, we set sail punctually, according to schedule which is available on our website www.loewentin.com, that’s why please you to don’t be late. The ship usually waits for passengers 20 minutes before the start of the cruise, that’s why we encourage you to arrive earlier and choose convenient place.

6. Does cruise route is always the same?

We are trying to do always the same route, but, unfortunately, river and weather are unpredictable and they can surprise us, so we must make a reservation that we can change the cruise route if necessary.

7. Can I drink or eat something during the cruise?

Of course, during our cruises You can order hot, delicious grill meals, prepared directly on aboard. Except that with have snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, beer and vodka. We also encourage You to see our VIP tickets, which guarantee unlimited benefit from food and drinks during the cruise.

8. Are there any toilets on a ship?

Yes, we have two, tastefully furnished toilets.

9. The cruise schedule is empty. What in that case?

We are trying to organize cruises with guide as often as it is possible, we add information on our website at least 2-3 days in advance, so when the schedule is empty, check it later, call us or send an e-mail. There is also a possibility that the schedule is empty because we have other public or private event and, that day, cruise with guide is unavailable.

Hiring ship for an event- FAQ

1. Is it possible to hire ship for a closed event?

Obviously, we are perfectly prepared to organize any type of event. Just send us an e-mail on biuro@loewentin.com, then we will check dates and we will adapt offer for your expectations.

2. Is it possible to order catering?

Yes, our company has many offers from different catering companies, in competitive prices and adapted to your demands.

3. How can I book a date for my event?

To confirm your booking, you should pay 20% of sum on our account, which we will send You on your e-mail address, after we confirm all details.

4. Can I bring my own catering and alcohol?

Yes. Hiring ship for your event you can choose our competitive offers of catering and alcohol, or organise it by yourself. It is available only when you are hiring whole ship and it doesn’t concern cruises with guide, bachelor or hen parties.

5. Do you offer any additional attraction during the cruise?

Obviously, we can offer you many, additional paid, attractions as DJ, dance shows, illusionist, dance leader, guitarist or shanty band. We can also decorate ship with balloons and borrow you captains cap for whole cruise.

6. When I have to pay for an event?

You have to pay before the cruise, by cash or do a transfer.

7. What exactly is included in price of hiring ship?

Price includes hiring ship with crew, insurance of passengers during the cruise, bar service, ship cleaning (before and after the cruise), preparing ship according to your hints (tables, decorations) and guide if needed.

8. Is it possible to organise my event at night?

Unfortunately, navigation on the Vistula river is possible only until dark, if you want to mix cruise with party we can offer you cruise at the sunset and night party on moored ship. Obviously, party on moored ship has different valuation and is negotiated individually.

9. Can I play my own music on the ship?

Yes, you can bring your own music on pendrive, CD, SD card or any other data carrier, or you can use our music specially prepared for cruises and parties. There is also wireless microphone on the ship at your disposal during the cruise.

10. Do you have your terms & conditions?

Obviously, we always encourage our passengers to read current terms & conditions of transport (here) and payment (here). Using our services is equivalent to approval our terms & conditions.

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